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Meet the Moriancumers.
The Moriancumers have had anything but an ordinary life.

Maybe you can gloss over the fact that half the family consists of winged Half-Celestials. Or maybe the fact that the 10+ kids in the family each have the maturity of a group of owls and a pack of hyenas put together.

Who’d honestly expect a family to be “normal” when the father has spent most of his early life traveling to different dimensions to hunt down evil demigods, dragons, and demons? And even if you discount all of that, their uncle is a giant wolf with wings… who plays with his own version of landmines…

Not exactly your ordinary family is it? And that’s just scratching the surface.

But they can’t find much to complain about either. Their father is one of the most powerful Summoners in the chaos-torn land of Galorian, and has always been there for them. And when they do manage to get themselves in trouble, he’s there to save the day.

Until one day when he (and their Uncle) vanish completely.

Journey with the Children of Ya’akov Moriancumer as they begin a quest to find out what has happened to their father. From the great City of Absolom to the wastes of the Worldwound, follow them into dangers both old and new. Uncover a conspiracy that arises from long before their father settled into Taldor. Follow surprising allies, and fight powerful enemies in this quest to save the head of the Moriancumer family.

The Moriancumer’s are anything but a normal family; will that be to their advantage, or to their downfall?
One thing is certain, few things may be as terrifying, as the wrath of a child for their fathers sake…

Game Details: This will be my first game as a GM. There are two options for characters; you can come in as an ally of the Moriancumer Family, or as one of Ya’akov’s Children (Most of whom are pre-generated characters created for this campaign). I expect this campaign to last no more than two months. Characters will be starting at Level 3.

Home Page

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