The Children of Moriancumer - Rising

Test Run Begins this Saturday!

I have planned enough for several encounters, and have found a group in Rexburg who has volunteered to do a “test run”. I will likely be using this game to further flesh out the details of the campaign.

Characters will be starting at Level 10. We will be using the PRD, but options are possible from the SRD at my discretion. All players will have the option of playing as one of Ya’akov’s children, or coming in as an “ally/contact” of the family. Those who come in as an ally may choose a member of the family as their contact; they will act in some ways as a cohort.

Everyone will also be given one “scaling” magic item at the start of the campaign (An item that levels up with the character). This choice is up to the player (at my discretion). No more than one scaling item will be allowed per character.

We will be meeting in Rexburg, Saturday the 16th, on the BYU-Idaho campus; Manwaring Center (MC), room 385 at 12:00pm.



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