Nositelhňev Orrin

Nositelhňev Orrin (Or Noss for short) is an ally and long-time friend of the Moriancumer family, and perhaps one of the strangest on that list.

He is a Kasatha by birth, but left his clan at an early age in was deemed a “mutual banishment”. Somewhere in Noss’ ancestry an Abyssal left its mark, and over time this bloodline came to manifest within Noss himself. Both he and his clan decided it would be safer for both sides if he left, and so he went into a self-imposed exile.

Some years later, he found work as a mercenary, where his skills with his own bloodline would prove most useful. His skills as a Bloodrager eventually caught the attention of Ya’akov and his son, Mahonri. He was instrumental in defeating the assasin’s group known as the ‘Red Raptors’, during the events known as the “Sundering of the Blue Lotus.”

He has an Apprentice known as Ross Talnon, who is a Tiefling Magus.

Nositelhňev Orrin

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